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Using macros in Excel

This guide provides an elementary introduction to using macros in Excel...

Posted on 20 March 2008  (Downloads: 1057) Others

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The value of Off-Balance Sheet Financing

This paper contains the main modes of off-balance sheet financing(OBSF) followed by two case studies on the recent disasters of OBSF - Enron and Bear Stearns. NB. The paper was written and compiled prior to the takeover of Bear Stearns by JP Morgan....

Posted on 19 March 2008  (Downloads: 422) Shares & Stock

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Discounted Cash flow valuation with value enhancement strategies

This report has a detailed cash flow discounted valuation of CCAP Ltd. The valuation was carried out with the perspective of giving value enhancing inputs for the company and not for the purpose of M & A or investments. This report is a result of my 2 mon...

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