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Management Lesso

Superb lesson from IIM A on Work Culture ...

Posted on 12 June 2008  (Downloads: 553) Career

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Roadmap to IFRS

A joint effort of ICAI & KPMG...

Posted on 07 June 2008  (Downloads: 1114) Accounts

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Ajim Premji's View on Reservation

The Potential fields where Reservation should be applicable....

Posted on 06 June 2008  (Downloads: 250) Career

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Practice Management

WIRC- Presentation on Prudent Mangament Practices...

Posted on 06 June 2008  (Downloads: 268) Students

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As you Travel through Life

SO keep putting one foot infront of the other. Live your Life day by day... There's a brighter tomorrow that's just down the road. Don't Look back! You are not going that way! ...

Posted on 06 June 2008  (Downloads: 375) Others

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How the CEO Leads Transformation

Measures adopted by CEO's for Transformation of their Organization....

Posted on 01 June 2008  (Downloads: 279) Others

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Boost your Confidence.

How to Succeed at being yourself...

Posted on 01 June 2008  (Downloads: 915) Students

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Seven Maxims for Better Living

Easy to Implement Life Strategies...

Posted on 01 June 2008  (Downloads: 503) Students

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Tips on Public Speaking

Whether we like it or not, public speaking is something that is relevant to everyone. Whether it is experienced at school, university, your workplace or simply by making a speech at your best friend’s wedding— public speaking it seems, is an inescapable p...

Posted on 01 June 2008  (Downloads: 344) Students

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India's GDp beats forecast Inflation still rising

Report on unprecedented growth in GDP despite the high Inflation rate....

Posted on 31 May 2008  (Downloads: 80) Others

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Indian Inc aim high on IPO

Report on latest trend towrds IPO...

Posted on 31 May 2008  (Downloads: 80) Shares & Stock

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Communication Barriers & Strategies to overcome

Communication Barriers & Tips to overcome. ...

Posted on 31 May 2008  (Downloads: 336) Students

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Happiness is Voyage

Read and be delighted....

Posted on 30 May 2008  (Downloads: 395) Students

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E TDS-TCS Return

Frequently Asked Question for Ready Reference...

Posted on 30 May 2008  (Downloads: 402) Income Tax

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Time is like a river


Posted on 30 May 2008  (Downloads: 512) Students

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Earning Per Share (power point presentation)

A very useful Power Point Presentation on Earning Per Share...

Posted on 30 May 2008  (Downloads: 1143) Accounts

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CPE Announcement for Members above 60 years of age

Mandatory CPE Requirement for members attaining 60 years of age and holding COP. ...

Posted on 28 May 2008  (Downloads: 49) Others

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Concept Paper by ICAI

Convergence with IFRS...

Posted on 28 May 2008  (Downloads: 464) Students

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Study is nothing else but a possession of the mind Thomas Hobbes, 1651 English ...

Posted on 23 May 2008  (Downloads: 493) Students

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A CA Trainee's Routine {FUNNY}

Routine of CA Trainee who is trying to cope up with his studies and Training. ...

Posted on 15 May 2008  (Downloads: 711) Students