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xlsx File
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Derivatives - Spread

Hi I made this excel working trying to understand spreads in options. Column A is irrelevant. This is my workings and I don't know if they are correct....

Posted on 26 October 2012  (Downloads: 909) Shares & Stock

xls File
23 KB

Convert Number to Text (Indian style)

As I saw on the internet, many people were searching for some macros and add-ins to convert number to text. But some macros are available but they convert the number to text in "Millons" style. I have prepared this workbook which uses a small table...

Posted on 03 April 2009  (Downloads: 970) Others

xls File
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Advanced Validation Using macros

Use this macro code to validate data in the Excel Applications you develop (with necessary modifications):)...

Posted on 25 August 2008  (Downloads: 1194) Info Technology

xls File
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Tax Calculator: Excel

This is a simple excel file. It is not locked. You can change the tax slab rates according to the assessment years. you are also welcome to improve this. mail me @

Posted on 07 June 2008  (Downloads: 1024) Income Tax

xls File
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Audit tool?

Hi. Check out these macros. I think they should help in auditing with Tally. If it doesnt work, it should atleast help you to learn Visual Basic and Excel Macros. Try It :)...

Posted on 06 June 2008  (Downloads: 3286) Audit

xlm File
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We get rounding off differences in financial statements in excel format. you can round off them using "=ROUND(#ref,0)" formula. But if u use this excel file youu will just have to press "CTRL+R" selecting the cell containing formula. :)...

Posted on 06 June 2008  (Downloads: 434) Audit

xll File
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Extrsct Data from Tally - Trial

Extracts data from tally. Prepares the trial balance neatly....

Posted on 02 June 2008  (Downloads: 3499) Accounts

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