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ADT-1 Attachment - Intimation by Company to Auditor


Posted on 31 October 2014  (Downloads: 437) Corporate Law

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ADT-1 Attachment in Word


Posted on 31 October 2014  (Downloads: 531) Corporate Law

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AOA Sample in Word for Year 2014-15

AOA_sample for the year 2014-15...

Posted on 20 October 2014  (Downloads: 347) Corporate Law

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MOA format for 2014 in word

MOA format for 2014-15 in word...

Posted on 17 October 2014  (Downloads: 627) Corporate Law

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ICSI Application to MCA


Posted on 16 October 2014  (Downloads: 111) Corporate Law

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New Provision For Companies for F/Y 2014-15

New Provision applicable on Companies for F/Y 2014-15...

Posted on 14 October 2014  (Downloads: 743) Corporate Law

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Compliance's of Pvt Ltd for the year 2014-15

All Compliance's for Private Limited Companies for the year 2014-15 as per Companies Act 2013 ...

Posted on 13 October 2014  (Downloads: 2110) Corporate Law

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ICSI Internship Notification

ICSI Internship Notification_ 2014...

Posted on 13 October 2014  (Downloads: 437) Students

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Checklist- TAN Registration for Partnership Firm

Checklist- TAN Registration For Partnership Firm...

Posted on 11 October 2014  (Downloads: 603) Income Tax

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VAT Registration Form

VAT Registration Form...

Posted on 11 October 2014  (Downloads: 544) VAT

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Attachment to be filled in GLN-2

Attachment of GLN-2 form...

Posted on 10 October 2014  (Downloads: 472) Students

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Power of Attorney sample

General Power of Attorney Sample...

Posted on 09 October 2014  (Downloads: 1014) Income Tax

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State Wise Slab rate of Professional Tax 2014

State wise slab rate for Professional Tax- 2014...

Posted on 08 October 2014  (Downloads: 1234) Income Tax

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Form 2 for Professional tax Registration by Employee

Form-2 For Professional Tax Registration by Employee...

Posted on 06 October 2014  (Downloads: 384) Income Tax

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Form 1 for Professional Tax Registration

From 1- for Professional Tax Registration...

Posted on 06 October 2014  (Downloads: 266) Income Tax

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Professional Tax Registration

Professional Tax Registration Compliance ...

Posted on 06 October 2014  (Downloads: 489) Students

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Form 2 for Registration of Societies

Form 2 for Registration of Societies...

Posted on 01 October 2014  (Downloads: 528) Others

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Form for registration of Societies

Form for Registration of societies...

Posted on 01 October 2014  (Downloads: 379) Others

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Professional Tax Registration

Procedure of Professional Tax Registration...

Posted on 25 September 2014  (Downloads: 402) Income Tax

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Sec 185 loan to Directors as per new act 2013

Loan to Directors comparison between old and new Companies Act ...

Posted on 12 September 2014  (Downloads: 578) Corporate Law

Certificate in Quantitative Finance IIM Calcutta Applied Finance(Batch 17) Live GST Course on GST Input Tax Credit (ITC) by CA Bimal Jain

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