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Download Files uploaded by Nilesh Gajjar (Tax Pract.)

xlsx File
14 KB

GST Tax Payable OR ITC Reversal On Sale of Fixed Assets/CG

Hi Friends, Whenever there is sale transaction of Fixed Assets/Capital Goods - GST Payable or ITC Reversal Whatever is Higher will Apply. Under CGST Act 2017 Section 18(6) & CGST Rule 2017 Rule 40(2) Whenever there is sale transaction of Fixed As...

Posted on 28 May 2022  (Downloads: 572) GST

pdf File
44 KB

ITC Claim GSTR2B January 2022

Tried to make how to claim ITC in the month of January 2022 Comments & Suggestions are Welcome...

Posted on 11 February 2022  (Downloads: 679) GST

xlsx File
15 KB

NG GST Rule 36(4) w.e.f.September-2020

Hope it will help to many Tax Professionals...

Posted on 14 October 2020  (Downloads: 361) GST

xlsx File
12 KB

Rule 36(4) Under GST Calculation Working

As you all know that Sept-2020 is very crucial for filing GSTR-3B and Rule 36(4) is apply in this month as per GST Relaxation issued due to pandemic...

Posted on 14 October 2020  (Downloads: 525) GST

xlsx File
12 KB

New ITC Restriction Upto 20% w.e.f 09/10/2019 - Calculator

Notification Dtd. 09/10/2019 ITC Restriction Upto 20% ...

Posted on 18 November 2019  (Downloads: 500) GST

xlsx File
90 KB

NG GST Sales Annual Summary Format July-2017 to March-2018

Tried to covered all aspects except Advance Receipt / Reversed from Debtors...

Posted on 21 June 2018  (Downloads: 1500) GST

xlsx File
70 KB

NG GST Purchase Annual Summary Format July-17 to March-18

Tried to covered maximum aspects except Creditors Payment 180 ITC reversed criteria...

Posted on 21 June 2018  (Downloads: 730) GST

xlsx File
19 KB

GST Monthly Tax Summary

GST Monthly Tax Summary...

Posted on 28 September 2017  (Downloads: 2821) GST

pdf File
60 KB

GVAT Due Dates (Calendar Year - 2016)

Latest Changes in Due Dates Updated Here...

Posted on 30 January 2016  (Downloads: 2034) VAT

xlsx File
24 KB

GVAT Due Dates Chart FY 2015-16 with Major Details

GVAT Major Details in JUST 2 Pages...

Posted on 11 March 2015  (Downloads: 636) VAT

xls File
1927 KB

GVAT Audit Report Template - Online Submission

In Excel Format...

Posted on 02 December 2014  (Downloads: 454) VAT

xlsx File
22 KB

GVAT VAT-CST E-Filing Due Dates FY 2014-15

Very Helpful Chart for Your Desktop with All latest Effects...

Posted on 03 March 2014  (Downloads: 931) VAT

xlsx File
42 KB

Latest GVAT Audit Report Form # 217 Updated - Final - In Excel Format

Latest GVAT Audit Report Form # 217 Updated - Final in Excel Format...

Posted on 10 September 2013  (Downloads: 1473) VAT

pdf File
57 KB

GVAT VAT-CST Returns E-Filing Due Dates

2013-14 Due Date Calenear...

Posted on 31 May 2013  (Downloads: 1344) VAT

pdf File
67 KB

Gujarat Budget 2013-14 Press note (Only Taxation Part)

VAT & Professional Tax...

Posted on 22 February 2013  (Downloads: 490) VAT

xls File
26 KB

GVAT ITC Reduce Calculator 01/07/2010 - Revised

W.e.f. 01/07/2010 if there is any OGS Sales then 2% ITC to be reduced against this OGS Sale. There are two methods Percentage & GP....

Posted on 11 February 2013  (Downloads: 422) VAT

xlsx File
13 KB

Due Dates Chart - 2013

Due Dates Chart - 2013 with GVAT ...

Posted on 08 February 2013  (Downloads: 2340) Taxpayers

pdf File
187 KB

Regarding Rate of Tax of stainless steel flats and sheets

GVAT Stainless Steel Rates...

Posted on 01 November 2012  (Downloads: 135) VAT

ppt File
7248 KB

Marg Manual Gujarat VAT

MARG MANUAL W.E.F. 01/05/2012 GVAT...

Posted on 26 March 2012  (Downloads: 629) VAT

rar File
1451 KB

Guide GVAT Digital CST Form

Online C Form Printing by Gujarat VAT...

Posted on 20 August 2011  (Downloads: 258) VAT

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