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Download Files uploaded by CA Chandra Kishore Bajpai

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PPT on GST...

Posted on 07 June 2016  (Downloads: 407) GST

pdf File
1710 KB

A note on GST

brief introduction of GST...

Posted on 07 June 2016  (Downloads: 406) GST

pdf File
124 KB

A note on krishi Kalyan Cess

A brief on new levy of Krishi kalyan cess ...

Posted on 07 June 2016  (Downloads: 450) Service Tax

pdf File
376 KB

Salary Income for IPCC student-Part-I

Short notes on explaining provisions of taxation of Salary...

Posted on 25 August 2014  (Downloads: 847) Students

pdf File
134 KB

Classification of Goods under excise - IPCC

This file contain brief notes on classification of Goods under excise Law.File is more relevant for CA-IPCC students but other may also be benefited ...

Posted on 28 May 2014  (Downloads: 354) Students

pdf File
605 KB

Basic Central Excise

PPT on Basic of excise Concept...

Posted on 06 May 2014  (Downloads: 1084) Students

pdf File
238 KB

Basic of IDT (Indirect Taxes)

explaining basic of IDT & its constitutional back ground...

Posted on 03 May 2014  (Downloads: 693) Students

pdf File
363 KB

Basics of Service tax

Some basic concept under servic tax for CA Students...

Posted on 03 May 2014  (Downloads: 1000) Students

docx File
20 KB

A note on declaration Forms under CST

A brief note on various declaration forms under CST ...

Posted on 13 November 2013  (Downloads: 990) VAT

pdf File
1415 KB

User Manual for e-filing of TN VAT Returns

A user friendly manual issued by TN Government for online filing of return...

Posted on 05 November 2013  (Downloads: 282) VAT

pdf File
1197 KB

Guide to TN_VAT

A guide on compliance of Tamilnadu VAT Published by CODISSIA The Coimbatore District Small Industries Association Post Bag No. 3827, Huzur Road, Coimbatore - 64101...

Posted on 05 November 2013  (Downloads: 359) VAT

pdf File
457 KB

Registration requirement under VAT in Gujrat

Brief description of registration requirement under VAT in Gujrat...

Posted on 17 October 2013  (Downloads: 259) VAT

doc File
38 KB

Acceptance of 'C' & 'F' forms covering more than 1 quarter

Acceptance of 'C' and 'F' forms covering more than one quarter or more than one month respectively- Clarification by AP VAT Department...

Posted on 14 September 2013  (Downloads: 1127) VAT

pdf File
32 KB

Summary of Provisions of Input Tax Credit under VAT Law in different States

A brief on provisions relating to input Tax credit under VAT law in different States...

Posted on 03 September 2013  (Downloads: 1179) VAT

pdf File
13 KB

State Code to know TIN No of state

The First Two digits in a TIN is Census Code of the respective state....

Posted on 23 January 2013  (Downloads: 825) VAT

pdf File
466 KB

How to get Activity code in Maharashtra VAT for Form 704

circular explaining the Activity code requirement...

Posted on 17 January 2013  (Downloads: 259) VAT

pdf File
2958 KB

Service Tax Registration

Trade Notice issued by the Service tax department specifying the requirement documents to be submitted while submitting application...

Posted on 08 January 2013  (Downloads: 905) Service Tax

docx File
22 KB

Madhya Pradesh Budget 2012-2013

Highlights of tax proposal in budget...

Posted on 02 April 2012  (Downloads: 137) VAT

docx File
26 KB

Maharashtra Budget

Highlights of tax proposal in Budget 2012-2013...

Posted on 02 April 2012  (Downloads: 174) VAT

doc File
31 KB


Type of dealers required to get registered under Karnataka Value Added TAx Law...

Posted on 27 November 2009  (Downloads: 353) VAT

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