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Single Window Mechanism – Instructions thereon

 Notice Date : 03 June 2009

Single Window Mechanism – Instructions thereon

Government of India
Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Department of Commerce
Udyog Bhawan,
New Delhi

Dated the 3rd June , 2009


Subject: Single Window Mechanism – Instructions thereon.

Effective Single Window Mechanism is essential for the successful operation of SEZs. This mechanism has to work at the following levels:

a) At the level of Zone through AC;
b) At the level of State-level; and
c) At the GOI-level through BOA.

2. Approval Committee

a) It is essential that the meetings of Approval Committee are held on a fixed day as decided by the Development Commissioner once in a fortnight;

Wherever the Development Commissioner and Director STPI are located at the same place, the meeting of the UAC shall be held at the Office of Development Commissioner and it will be a combined meeting with separate agendas. Minutes of all the meetings will be issued separately;

b) If there is no matter for approval, this meeting should be used for reviewing the progress of development of the Zone and Unit therein;

c) The meetings should be held after issue of a prior notice to the Members of the Committee;

d) These meetings could be done through Video Conference / Tele- Conference Mechanism as per the convenience of all concerned;

e) It is necessary to review the progress of the development of the Zone – new Zones which have not taking effective steps as per Rule 6(2)(a) and once in a month and Zones which have taken effective steps – once a quarter;

f) The Approval Committee will also update a list of pending cases for approval before State or any Department of Commerce (DOC) and BOA. The information pertaining to DOC and BOA and in any other department of GOI shall be prepared separately for each category on the land attached and will be sent to Ministry of Commerce for being placed before the BOA.

i) The review should include – development planning of infrastructure status of and implementation.

ii) Marketing of the Zone along with the State Government to attract units.

iii) Development of social and training infrastructure in the nonprocessing area.

iv) Transport & Road connectivity to the Zone.

3. State Level High Powered Committee

i) For effective disposal of cases by the State level Single Window Committees, it is necessary to provide a single interface on behalf of the Department of Commerce in each State. Hence, it has been decided that the Development Commissioners shall be the Zonal Development Commissioners for the States mentioned against their names in Annexure-I.

ii) The Zonal Developments Commissioners will have a compilation of all matters pending before the State Level Single Window Committee pertaining to all SEZs in the State, including IT SEZs, and will work with the respective coordinating department of the State for having a meeting to get the clearance.

iii) Some States, names, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu where a large number of SEZs are coming up, it may be necessary to have a monthly meeting to facilitate the development of SEZs. In other States, at least a meeting in each quarter should be held in this meeting may be used as an opportunity to apprise the State Government of benefits flowing to the State from SEZ by way of investment, direct / indirect employment, revenue (from DTA sale).

iv) After each meeting the Chief Secretary may be requested to issue the Press Note or hold a Press Conference on the subject; as per may be
deemed appropriate.

v) In each Zone one of the officers shall be nominated by the Development Commissioner as the Development Officer whose responsibility would be to facilitate clearances of the Developer and the Units which are pending with any Department of the State Government.

4. GOI

i) All matters pending with any other Department except Commerce will be sent to DOC and will be placed in the BOA as an agenda item;

ii) All matters which are pending with DOC must be sent to the Department immediately after fortnightly meeting of UAC so that these can be cleared.

(T. Srinidhi)


List of Zonal DCs and the States under their jurisdiction


Name of DC










Maharashtra, Goa, Dadra & Nagar Haveli



Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Chattisgarh, Uttarkhand



Kerala, Karnataka



West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, Jharkhand, Pondicherry, Nagalan



Andhra Pradesh


on 10 June 2009
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