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Introduction of Pension claim Form (Aadhaar)

 Notice Date : 03 March 2017

Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India
Head Office 
Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan, 14, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi -110066 

Date: 03 MAR 2017 


All ACCs (Zonal Office) 
All Regional P.F. Commissioner(In-Charge of Regions) 
All office-In-Charge of SROs/SAOs. 

Sub: Introduction of Pension claim Form (Aadhaar)- regarding. 


Vide Head Office letter No. Pension —1/7(I)96/Forms/7429 dated 23.06.2016 instructions on simplified UAN based pension claim form Number 10-D-UAN was circulated. The said UAN based Form 10-D was introduced in respect of all employees whose Aadhaar Number and Bank details have been seeded and have been duly verified by the employer using digital signature and the details in Form No.11 have been completed. 

2. Meanwhile the Central Government issued Gazette Notification No. S.O. 26(E) dated 04.01.2017 vide which it was notified that members and pensioners of the Employees' Pension Scheme desirous of continuing to avail pension and membership to the Employees' pension Scheme by availing the Central Government's contribution and subsidy under the said Scheme, are required to furnish proof of the possession of the Aadhaar number or undergo Aadhaar authentication for better and hassle free identification through Aadhaar. 

3. Accordingly, the simplified VAN based pension claim Form 10-D has been revised as Pension claim Form (Aadhaar) (copy enclosed) 

4. All the RPFCs/OlCs of ROs/SROs are hereby requested to accept Pension claim Form(Aadhaar) with immediate effect subject to the following conditions:- 

i) The AADHAAR Number and the Bank A/c number of the employee are seeded as and digitally verified by the employer. (ii) All the details of the employee are available in Form No.I I (New). 

(iii) A cancelled cheque containing the name of the employee. Bank a/c number and IFS code is attached with the Claim Form. 

Please refer to the attached file for details


on 06 March 2017
Notification No : Pension-I/7(1)/96/2017/Forms/32614
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