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Concealment of Income

Court :

Brief :
Case Fact: Whether demonetised high denomination notes having no value be regarded as unexplained money and treated as concealment of income?

Citation :
C.I.T. Vs. Andhra Pradesh Yarn Combines P. Ltd.

Decision: Held by the Hon"ble court that the expression "money" has different shades of meaning. In the context of income tax provisions, it can only be a curreny token, bank notes or other circulating medium in general use, which has representative value. The high denomination currency notes on the day when it was found to be in possession of the assessee were only scraps of paper as RBI refused to exchange them and could not be used as circulating medium in general use. Hence could not be treated as unexplained money and penalty could not be imposed under section 271(1)(c) of the Income-tax Act, 19861.

CA. A. Kumar
on 07 July 2008
Published in Income Tax
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