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Judgements by FCS Deepak Pratap Singh

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In the case on hand, there was no insurance coverage on the date of the accident and so, the respondent No. 1 insurance company is not liable. The Tribunal has correctly found and directed respondent No. 2, owner of the lorry to pay the compensation

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The claim must be allowed to be resisted, on the ground of fraud now alleged by the Insurance Company. If we fail to afford to the Insurance Company an opportunity to substantiate their contentions it might certainly lead to serious miscarriage of ju

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THE ITAT held that additions cannot be made only on the basis of declaration made under section 132(4) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 without any corroborating evidence to prove the addition.

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When the addition is on estimated basis, penalty u/s. 271(1)(c) of the Act cannot be levied on such ad hoc estimated income. The disallowance of purchases on ad-hoc basis does not tantamount to furnishing inaccurate particulars of income under the pr

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NCLT MUMBAI BENCH held that new claims cannot be admitted once Resolution Plan approved by Committee of Creditors and is pending before Adjudicating Authority for approval.

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If Life Insurance Policy dated back , the next premium will fall due on such date to which the policy dated back. The date on which risk under the policy commenced is different from the date of policy.

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The death caused by extreme cold wave is accidental one and the insurance companies cannot deny claim to the family of the deceased on the ground that the demise was natural. "Cold wave is an untoward event which is not expected ordesigned, and an or

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The appeal is allowed on the finding that no evidence has come forward to show that the company had made a public offer other than these 49 persons. Once allotment is made to less than fifty allottees by way of private allotment the first proviso to

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The course suggested by the Counsel for the Department was acceptable to the Counsel for the Appellant. It was, therefore, suggested that the Appellant may file an affidavit of undertaking to withdraw the proceedings initiated by it before the AAR an

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