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Posted on 30 January 2018

Leadership and Business Partnering
Planning and Performance Measurement/ Enhancement
Review of existing MIS, to provide on-time, regular and accurate data (for both Finance and Operations), to provide more visibility into business performance metrics (not just accounting data) for review of business performance by the management team. This would also involve instituting a more robust month end closing process. Defining metrics or performance indicators in development of an MIS. These would also include clarity in definitions with respect to cost centers and business unit structure including Sales & Service. Deliver monthly MIS in the form of Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Cash flow statements along with analysis and operational insights

Conduct profitability analysis and calculate of profits and return on capital employed by business units and by outlets. This will sensitize the business to think in cash flow terms and ensure that most capital efficient BU or outlets are prioritized while others are beefed up to meet the minimum RoCE threshold.

Review existing costing systems/ methodology, suggest ways and means of improving this, generate customer/outlet/SKU and services profitability on a periodic basis based on the current frequency

Review the current basis of allocation of common costs to individual projects/outlets and recommend suitable cost allocations policy, including defining cost drivers for various central functions including central kitchen costs, wastage, cost of goods benchmark. Also develop a cost reporting methodology to bring transparency in the performance management measurement and cost of operating franchisees

Assistance in improving the existing performance management system including budgeting process for variance analysis, with a view to improving accountability and downward delegation of authority to each individual department head. In due course, Candidate will develop processes to track actual vs budget. This will help in improve performance measurement and will develop higher certainty around achievement of business plan targets

Implementing a robust capital investment tracking system to enable tracking of efficiency of spends in new product/service/ technology investments, against agreed milestones

Cash flow management
Develop rules on tracking of cash flows and EBIDTA by Business units and Outlets. This will involve generating Outlet Level & BU level P&Ls with the eventual consolidation of all PLs into the Company P&L.

Devise ways and means of tracking cash flow and create rolling 12-week cash flow forecasts.

Working capital management including control over debtors and inventory

Risks and Controls
Review existing internal controls and suggest ways and means of improving this to ensure no revenue leakage

Recommend best practices to design and implement a formal process to monitor expenses and update delegation instruments, electronic authorization matrices, specimen signature documents, validation and authentication processes while measuring team productivity and strengthening internal controls.

IT enablement and Process improvements
Evaluate and implement IT systems; suggest improvements to IT-enable/automate the processes to ensure management gets better visibility into business operations.

Study & Review both company’s existing written SOP’s & processes on the finance & operations side, recommend and implement best practices as per the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) where necessary across the company. The objective of this intervention will be to standardize processes to improve quality, accuracy and credibility of financial reports used for management decision-making.

Accounting and Audit
Ensure book closure on time and lead the discussions & engage with Internal Auditor,

Statutory Auditor and ensure closure of Audit on time. Ensure statutory compliance in a timely manner

Review and take ownership of the underlying Financial Statements of the company, lead the statutory audit finalization and handling routine monthly, quarterly and annual compliances



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