Assure Audit - BAHRAIN's Vacancy Details

Assure Audit - BAHRAIN

VAT Consultant - (Potential VAT Manager)



Key responsibilities and skill sets –
1) Assist and advise clients on the introduction and implementation of VAT in Bahrain
2) Handling VAT Implementation assignments
3) Review of client agreements with various stakeholders to identify potential VAT impact
4) Identify, document, and recommend client business requirements for VAT compliance and assist with processes and systems
5) Advising clients on their day-to-day queries on VAT implication on certain transactions
6) Advise clients with local and global VAT issues, including advising on the operation of VAT with transaction analysis.
7) Prepare and verify the VAT Tax return.
8) Ability to conduct VAT training sessions to clients and others



Above Rs. 1,200,000/-

04 April 2019

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