Life is so down,
All sadness has grown.
The cheers & joys got theft
Since the day you left.

The tear some eyes,
Shed no more tears,
They search someone around
With an unreasonable fear.

My Lips are mum.
They have no emotion.
They refuse to push a smile
As there is neither an excuse nor a reason.

Each moment of day
Is getting stretched like forever.
The memories haunt me
Like leaving me for never.

That day, my lips never moved
My eyes didn’t uttered
Nor my heart spoke.
But your leaving mattered.

I had so many things to say
I planned so many things to do.
But you didn’t allow me a chance
& I kept standing, staring at you.

There, at that moment,
A tear rolled out of my eye.
Just when you silently left,
To say you Good Bye.