World environment day....


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Today is World Environment Day – June 05



Mother Nature too needs care and protection.


Show her your care.


By caring for her trees.


Love trees.


Love Nature. &


Work for a greener environment for generations to




Leave a legacy…The future depends on us….



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A letter to mother earth, protect nature, save trees, environment, green earth, inspirational quotes, pictures


Dear Mother Earth..


Hope you are doing great. Thank you for taking care of us..


for so long..


Now it’s our turn…We know that we are safe in your caring





But only as long as you are.. We promise to save trees, protect


nature & take care of environment… in order to keep you healthy.. …


We often forget that we are


mere speck of dust and absolutely nothing without you ..


Please do stay healthy for our sake..


-Thank You.


Love Your Environment, Be Proud Of It



Let us remember that, the Earth has enough to satisfy everyone’s


needs…BUT it cannot satisfy everyone’s greed…




Take a small pledge and make a HUGE contribution towards a greener earth…..