Why to do CA??????


Hi friends, I had started CA in 2006 and today I have almost completed it. Only my 2nd Group result is awaited and I am also sure that it will be positive, yet today a question come is my mind. Perhaps you will seem this question stupid, yet I thought to put it before members of CCI. My question is simple: "Why should we do CA?" This question came to my mind dues to following reasons:

A person can earn equal to CA or even more than a CA simply by doing 2 year MBA from any well known university or institute and he will also be called well educated person in the society.

A person can be CA by passing tough exams and passing through the course of 4 years. He becomes mentally dead when members of ICAI exercises brutal mental torture on him during 3.5 years of articleship. A student sells his 3.5 years and he also does all the personal works of his employer and becomes a pure servant like a donkey. Then also there is no guerantee that every person who starts CA complete it as you know the results percentage is about 15%.


Then why to do all these? I am feeling that I have not planned my career well and got attracted by just 2 charactes in life "CA".  I am feeling that we give blood, sweat, tears and money to CA Course, but this course is not giving us what we should get for this price.