Which time is better???

HOD (Accounts Dept)

when i was doing CA , then i had very less time for my personal life & family. but still i tried to get some time for me & my family.

that time i managed to  be online at cci & fb.


but after clearing ca, i have no time to open social websites. after a long time i open cci.


when i was studing, some times i did not study for whole day & went to watch a movie. but now i can't delay my office work.

i have to follow rules & regulations of govt. in the sense of statutory coompliances and rules of my company where i m working.


now i can not say "NO" to my boss.  i have to fulfill a lots of responsibilties .


when i was doing ca , that time i thought that i will get  time to enjoy after study, but life become more tight now.


but everybody says that " kuchh pane ke liye kuchh  khona bhi padta h." but we can not compare every thing with money. satisfaction is necessary for life. . but still i want to compare my past with my present.


during study, i spent a lot of time with my friend, but now we can meet with friends only at facebook & rarely at weekends.


this life is like "money without joy" ,   " favourate dish without hunger" ,  "best bad without sleep" , "bmw without pertol"

but still, what can we do???????


i fell that life as a student is better. if someone has some problems in his student life .but  he can not fell better after completing study.


but what do my friends think about my view? and wht are their views?

plz share.






u r right bro , in job responsibilty increase ho jate h



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