Which cpa review classed

Aniruddha Dutta (Chartered Accountant) (35 Points)

26 October 2013  

Hi All,

Now that I have decided to take up CPA US, I am pretty confused which classes to join.

I guess the choice is between Becker and Miles. Cost is less in Miles than Becker but then Becker is an older and has good experiencing in conducting these reviews. Another question is that is taking classed mandatory????.....bcos they all cost close to $2000......thats 1lac INR. What if I buy the materials and do self study. I am pretty confused bcos the cost savings are huge but then I dont know if attending the classes is really helpful.

I would really appreciate some guidance from the fellow members especially if someone has already done/doing CPA. Also suggest which one is a better class to join (if at all required)