When depressing thoughts seems to get you down..............

GAUTAM DEY (Be Patient, Live Life) (17309 Points)

22 October 2011  




Life Is A Gift



Today Before You Think Of Saying An Unkind Word

- Think Of Someone Who Can't Speak.


Before You Complain About The Taste Of Your Food

– Think Of Someone Who Has Nothing To Eat.


Before You Complain About Your Husband Or Wife

– Think Of Someone Who's Crying Out To God For A Companion.



Today Before You Complain About Life –

Think Of Someone Who Went Too Early To Heaven.


Before You Argue About Your Dirty House, Someone Didn't Clean Or Sweep

– Think Of The People Who Are Living In The Streets.



Before Whining About The Distance You Drive

– Think Of Someone Who Walks The Same Distance With Their Feet.


And When You Are Tired And Complain About Your Job

 – Think Of The Unemployed, The Disabled And Those Who Wished They Had Your Job.




But Before You Think Of Pointing The Finger Or Condemning Another

 – Remember That Not One Of Us Are Without Sin And We All Answer To One Maker.



And When Depressing Thoughts Seem To Get You Down

– Put A Smile On Your Face And Thank God You're Alive And Still Around.




Life Is A Gift,

Live It,

Enjoy It,

Celebrate It, And

Fulfill It

And Most Of All LOVE IT!!!