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I'm a travel agent that deals in Air Ticketing. I want to understand what is the Service Tax for Air Tickting agents. I've gone through many web articles and I see it's 0.75% for Domestic & 1.5% for International on the base fare.

I want to understand is SBC & KKS applicable here as well? if yes what is the % in 0.75 & 1.5 as per above.

Indirect Taxation

Dear Sir,

Following are the brief notes on above matter:

1. Service tax on tickets 

Type of Service:

Hon'able CESTAT West Zonal Mumbai held in case of CCE Goa Vs Zuari Travel Corporation that sub agent of an IATA agent (Main Air travel agent) is nothing but also an air travel agent and his services shall be qualify as Air travel agent and not under business auxiliary service.

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Therefore, Service of air ticket booking by SUB AGENT through other agent can be qualify as air travel agent.

In addition to above there was a circular of CBEC at relevant time, wherein, it was clarified that sub agent/sub-sub agent of IATA agents are not required to collect service tax and get registration from service tax authorities under the " Air Travel Agent Services".

The matter at that time was different but the clarification treat sub agents also as air travel agents.


C. NO. CE/20/ST/Air travel/97 dated 27-8-1997

Discharging Service tax Liability: 

There are two methods of discharging the service tax liability by an air travel agent.

Firstly, the normal manner i.e. pay service tax on the commission value. Secondly, pay service tax under rule 6(7) which provides the following :

The person Liable for paying the service tax in relation to the services of booking of tickets for travel by air provided by an air travel agent, shall have the option, to pay an amount calculated at the rate of 0.7 percent of the basic fare in the case of domestic bookings, and at the rate of 1.4 percent of the basic fare in the case of international bookings, of passage for travel by air, during any calendar month or quarter, as the case may be, towards the discharge of his service tax liability instead of paying service tax at the rate ofspecified in section 66B of Chapter V of the Act and the option, once exercised, shall apply uniformly i respect of all bookings of passage fro travel by air made by him and shall not be changed during a financial year under any circumstances.

Basic fare:    

Means that part of the air fare on which commission is normally paid to the air travel agent by the airline.

How to discharge SBC and KKC as above liability is only towards service tax under section 66B:

In terms of rule 6 (7D) and 6(7E) the liability shall be determined using the following formula:

Total Service tax liability for the period X Effective rate of SBC or KKC / Effective rate of service tax.

Adjustment of Input Credit against the output liability under this scheme :

There is no restriction under CCR Rule 2004 to avail Input against output liability using rule 6(7) . Therefore, liability can be adjusted against the output tax.


Thank You sir for sharing such a good article. But as I'm not from Financial field it becomes little bit difficult for me to understand all terms. It would be really great if you can clarify weather if I'm eliglble for KKC & SWC and what % will it be.

Indirect Taxation


Please let me know, whether you are availing the composition scheme or paying full rate of tax.

We get commission directly from airlines upon booking tickets and dont have any 3rd party in between. Sorry for confusion but we have just started this in this month and want to make things clear.

Indirect Taxation


For composition scheme:

First of all, rate is .70% (Domestic bookings), 1.4% (International Bookings) and not .75% and 1.5% respectively.

KKC and SBC:

Yes, you need to pay both.


On your monthly/quarterly laibility you need to calculate as under;

KKC : ST of period X .50/14

SBC : ST of period X .50/14


You are entitled to take credit except SBC.




Great question! I am planning to open a travel agency in Eastern Europe, but I still have some questions with no reply. Being a tourist, I usually booked tickets at travel services , and I am not sure agents use the same websites. Or may be they do? I used googled search, and seems like there are the same services for both tourists and agents:

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