Wanna quit CA?

CA N.Dhivya Lakshmi (Chartered Accountant) (515 Points)

27 November 2012  

I hear many CA frnds saying "All my frnds have cleared out. Am d only one left behind!"

" All those who have settled in life are not brainy and all those who are struggling for life are not idiots!!"

U may loose watever in life - Ur frnds, ur name, fame, money, career, respect, beauty, who knows even ur loved ones, but never ever loose ur CONFIDENCE. All that one needed to complete CA is High level of confidence and hardwork. I agree tat luck plays a major role in CA but not tat we shud go behind luck. Put ur hardwork and luck will automatically com behind u.

I hear many CA frnds saying "I gave my final exams in Nov 2012. But am not sure abt clearing. What shud I do now? Shal I go job or wait til results? Wat if results go negative?

All frnds who have given ur final attempt dis nov 2012, I suggest yu to wait till the results. Update urself as much as yu can within d next two months. If results positive, enjoy!!. If its on the other way, don wry and don get depressed. Jus chill out. Find out a right job by end of Feb and d updates yu made dis two months will be of gr8 help to yu tat time. Carry on ur life wit it. And remember, "Never ever Quit CA". Do give ur attempt untill yu PASS OUT.

I hear many CA frnds saying " I wasted my 5 yrs in doing CA. But it din fetch me anything still".

Don think tat yu need ur yrs back. Once time s gone its gone forever and it ll never com back. NEVER. Feel proud of urself. Think of d days yu wer happy in dese yrs. Think of the moments wen others wer astonished by ur performance. Feel d hapiness. Search for the things and ppl who cud make yu smile. If yu got none, engage urself wit nice movies and gud story books. These many yrs which yu have invested will really fetch yu a nice return nly if yu believe in God and work on it.

I hear many CA frnds saying " I lost all my interest in CA".

Think dis way - " By end of 2013, wat if yu spell dese words to some stranger who yu meet for the first time -

Hi! Am xxxx, A Chartered Accountant, working in xxxxxx as a Senior xxxxxxx earning 12 lac pa. And yes, I invested 5 wonderful yrs of my life and now I got my fruit and am happy and proud abt it."

Are yu able to feel the chill, the happiness!!.

Everybody in dis world are not Born Genius. If things don go in the right way, jus chill out and wait for ur turn but remember don waste d waiting time cos God has given yu the waiting time cos he needs u to mend urself still more to get into the field.

I wud lik to say one last saying for all,

" It takes jus few days to build a hut!

It takes jus few months to build a house!

But it really takes decades to build a PALACE!!"


" Do yu still feel to quit CA??????????"