Voice of CA Student

Nikhil Kothari (CEO at Sequinox Business Advisories)   (4671 Points)

30 March 2011  

VOICE OF CA student- I am a CA student Bcoz-

I can write 70 words per minute but i cant read my own handwriting.,
I spend more time with my calculator than with my family.,
My IQ is greater than my weight.,
I can lisen an idiot guy scolding me for nothing with a smiling face.
I know all the sections of tax and law but not my shirt size.,
If i can pass my exams in my 3rd try, its like a dream come true.
My gf is waiting for me in CCD and i am in my extra class.
I consider my 5 hr sleep the best part of the day.,
A 200 out of 400 is heaven for me.,
My xerox bills are higher than my eating expense..!!
I can relax on sunday with only 8 hr tuition time.

Yes....i m a CA student..!!
Nd ofcourse m proud of it...!! :D