Use handmade paper

CA Anushree jain (CA) (1531 Points)

08 July 2012  

Do you know that around 270 eucalyptus trees or 460 bamboo plants per tonne of paper produced are saved by the manufacture of HANDMADE PAPER? 

Are you aware that handmade paper helps inpreventing water, land and pollution bacause very small quantity of chamicals are used compare to large quantity of polluting chemicals used by paper mills?

Handmade paper is eco-friendly product and its demand is increasing rapidly.It is considered best form of recycled paper .Not only does it have a elegant and exquisite surface for writing but is very strong ab=nd almost udestructible.

handmade paer industry was inspired by MAHATMA GANDHI this industry is continuosly growing 

we should also try to use eco friendly paper

before buying any note book chaeck that it has eco friendly mark or not

keep environment safe clean