Unique Identification no for all Indians- UID

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30 August 2010  

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Came across this unique and interesting article all Indians will be alloted a Unique Identification number to avail more of public servies. Here is the entire text of the article -


UID to be number for life for Indians: Nilekani


The unique identification number will be a "number for life" for millions of Indians who at present do not have access to public schemes, according to Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) Nandan Nilekani. "The domestic movement within India is slated to escalate due to development and climate change that would drive migration.

Due to lack of identity proof, 100 million people are unable to avail of public schemes. It is here that the unique identification number will make a difference as it will be the number for life for them," Nilekani said here last evening.

"With technological development, as the paper work reduces, the cost of technology also goes down and capability goes up. Once you make everything electronic, the prices drop.

It is when more number of people make use of technology," Nilekani said. The UID would be given to all Indians irrespective of their financial or residential status, he said, adding, the main aim of issuing these numbers is to ensure better service delivery to those who have been excluded from public schemes, be it related to finance or food.

Nilekani said the UIDAI will roll out a biometric database of beneficiaries which could be used by banks and post offices for generating their own UID numbers. As banking services cannot reach each of the six lakh villages in India, there will be micro ATMs where people will be able to withdraw or deposit money, he said.


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Source : https://www.dnaindia.com/india/report_uid-to-be-number-for-life-for-indians-nandan-nilekani_1429896