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Tulsian vs mp vijay kumar...

espionage (human being...) (769 Points)

13 January 2013  

heya guyz,

ive heard a lot abt these two books to study the financial reporting subject.... can anyone provide a insight as to why a particualr book is better and which book approcahes the Subject in a practical and conceptual way... so as to fulfill the objective of self study..

because i dont want to shell out Rs.16000 for Mr. Praveen sharma,,, coz it just seemns worthless..

please help..

PS:If ur r studying from the module then u can give ur comments abt the institutes module too.. :)

Thanku :)


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Manmohan ACA, CS (Chartered Accountant ) (14243 Points)
Replied 13 January 2013

My vote will go for MP vijay Kumar ..however if u don't have sufficient time the Tulsian


pc tulsian please...

espionage (human being...) (769 Points)
Replied 13 January 2013

@ manmohan and subham can u supplement ur opinion with a solid grounding Thx guyz *PEACE*

rahul (Chartered Accountant and CS Prof.)   (5470 Points)
Replied 14 January 2013

Try not to follow bookish approach for FR.. Arrange class notes of any good teacher near your location to complete this subject easily. (P C Tulsian is better as it gives step by step procedure to solve any problem) (I have not used any book for FR, i got this feedback from some friends doing self study of FR)



espionage (human being...) (769 Points)
Replied 14 January 2013

some more insights would be very welcome.. :)


Ankita J (Article) (674 Points)
Replied 15 January 2013

P C Tulsian is the best

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espionage (human being...) (769 Points)
Replied 15 January 2013

@ ankita j.. thx for ur reply, highly appreciated.... if u dont mind me asking, but did u urself study from pc tulsian for ca finals..??



its always better to take classes,bcoz without a sound conceptual knowledge one cant do accounts,so in my opinion its better to shell out 16000 rather than to waste hours on a single topic while doing self study,one can always combine other books wid classes bt only books widout classes is not a good option according to me,bcoz as in classes v r taught the way v got to present in exams,by self study one cant know what all presentation institution needs,so an expert guidance is always reqd.

espionage (human being...) (769 Points)
Replied 16 January 2013

@ student . I beg to differ my friend... Many of my frnds have cleard their exams through self study including financial reporting .... Many have scored in excess of 70 in financial reporting as well.. So there is no such thing such as u have to take classes else u will be on a less helpful side *PEACE*

khyati (Chartered Accountant) (89 Points)
Replied 17 January 2013

I use vijaykumar nd doing self study....

Its good.....

espionage (human being...) (769 Points)
Replied 18 January 2013

thx khyati :)..

cmon friends some more insights n compariaons, you are helping a student of your fraternity here


MAUSAM SHARMA (Semi Qualified Chartered Accountant waiting for best opportunity)   (155 Points)
Replied 13 July 2017


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