Truecaller launches truesdk to help 3rd party apps verify ne

Arpit Shah (Accountant) (21438 Points)

19 February 2016  

Signup Via Truecaller


Truecaller, one of the leading mobile user identification app, have opened up their platform via TrueSDK that will help third party apps to easily onboard and verify new users via their phone numbers. Simply put, Truecaller lets the their party app know the user details after mobile number is entered during the registration process.

This service can be used by developers to sign up, update a user’s information, or purely verify the user’s phone number based identity in their mobile apps with user consent. Available to registered third party apps and currently Android only, this feature is launched with 12 partners who have on boarded to simplify the app onboarding and user verification process.

Truecaller has partnered with India’s popular apps including Quikr, Mobikwik, redBus, CarDekho,, ixigo, OYO Rooms, TO THE NEW Digital, FreshMenu, Terraa, Cash Care and ShopClues.

TrueSDK offers following Features:

  • Phone number based onboarding and verification
  • Free to use and no verification cost for existing Truecaller users
  • Significantly reduces friction in user on boarding
  • Permission based flow
  • Light weight client side SDK and minimal changes needed on developer’s backend

Commenting on the newly launched platform, Priyam Bose, Director Worldwide Developer Relations at Truecaller said, “Phone numbers are quickly becoming the primary personal identity to verify users in the global mobile arena. App Developers are looking for ways to minimize friction in user onboarding and engagement flows. TrueSDK gives developers an opportunity to fulfill these needs and overtime bridge offline and online identity gap. Instead of having every app developer build and maintain their own systems, they can now use TrueSDK and instead focus more on their core aspects of their app led offering.”

How Does it helps 3rd Party Apps?

One of the major bottlenecks for any app is new user onboarding and verification process, where many users get stuck and ultimately, drops off. What TrueSDK integration offers is a much more simpler user verification process. So when new users are signing up, Truecaller can provide the user details, which can be auto-filled in the app after Truecaller verified number is inputted. This created a much more frictionless onboarding process, thereby increasing the number of sign-ups for third party apps.

For users, they will save time and effort as their details will be auto-filled, and they will not need to go through a lengthy process of filling information and then using other verification processes like OTP etc.

Rajnish Kumar, who is Co-founder & CTO at ixigo, one of the apps that has integrated TrueSDK. said, “By integrating our app with a solution such as the TrueSDK we are solving many problems at one go. Users will no longer need to fill in information manually with the autofill option. By auto filling their contact credentials we will be able to considerably reduce friction in user journey. Additionally, owing to the vast user community of Truecaller we will have ready access to a bank of verified phone numbers making the process much simpler and safer.  Going forward, we consider this to be a big step in enhancing our in-app experience.”

Next time you are signing up for one of the apps, do check out the option of “Sign up via Truecaller”, and let us know how feedback!