Sachin (student) (214 Points)

01 December 2011  

I hve given my Ca Final this nov n i m waiting for my result.. this was my 1st attempt(pre pond) and exms gone not well.. The problem is i am on leave since Jan and thier is not much work in my office.. n the work i learnd previously, that i had also forgotton.. So presently i hve no Practical knowledge and my articleship will get over in Jan end.. So i have 2 months left..

1) Should i join some other place just to learn the work??.. What will i do after becoming Ca.. i knw nothing.. i dont even know how to file ITR..

2) I want to do some additional course bcoz i have not much interest in CA.. muze ye tds, capital a/c, bank statement samaz me nahi ati.. So which course is better CFA(US) or Acturary or MBA?? (i dont want to do CS)