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Toughest subjects in IPCC

Kumar (CA FINAL Student) (266 Points)

31 July 2009  

Dear All,

Hope you are having a nice time....

I would like to request you guys to help me out with making my IPCC Preperation Schedule.

Guys who did/doing IPCC, please list down the subjects in both the groups that are toughest to crack, in that order. Please mention the reasons as well.  am looking for answers from the exam point of view.

Please put forward your views and suggestions. That will of great help to us,(IPCC Students).

Awaiting reply.

Thanks in advance.

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CA.Shaleen Srivastava (CA , CWA*, Bcom(H)) (1999 Points)
Replied 31 July 2009

there is no toughest papers in CA course . you are know how to prepare the subject according to their exams pattern.

CA. Megha Topiwala (Job) (1534 Points)
Replied 31 July 2009

agar tough hai ye soch k studies karenge to sab kuch tough hi lagega.... so just cool down n start studing as if u knw everything... n hv +ve approach that icai will ask only those wht u knw.... u will surely get success....

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Mr.Kumar what subject may be tough for us need not be tough for u.....its up to u to identify which subject is tough for u and plan ur studies accordingly....each subject gives a unique chance when it comes to exam...even if u score less in 1 paper and more in other, u ll have a fair chance to pass ur exam.

Kumar (CA FINAL Student) (266 Points)
Replied 31 July 2009

Guys, Thank you very much for your replies.

I would like to share some more information with you so that you can guide me properly.

The scenario is :

I cleared my CPT this june. I got registered for IPCC and I was given a pile of books. Frankly, I donno what to do with them. But, I just want to have a look at these books before I move on to other material like padhuka's or something.

The facts are:

I can spare at max 2 hours a day on my preparation. I believe I have to work on them continiously, so that I don't loose grip on any one of them and obviously, I don't want to take a second chance in my exams. So, That says Whatever time I have got, I have to use effectively and intelligently.

The point is:

I don't want to take random ways for my preperation. I start with something and end up with something. I want to be sure of what I am doing. So, I need to have a plan.
I want to avoid randomness as much as possible, to gain clarity. As one of the replies, here in this thread suggested that I will come to know the difficulty of the subject as I start preparing for the exams. What if I realize after six months that later concepts of cost accounting and financial management are tough. Thats creates havoc and result will be that I fail in this paper. (which negates my objective ! ).

Then, What am I asking for ?

If I ask you guys (Guys who did/doing IPCC) to list down all the seven subjects, starting with the most difficult subject (According to you) and arrange them in ascending order, How would the list looks like? and In addition, If you can give me some notes about why you feel that this particular subject is difficult (according to you, again and in your experience), I can evaluate myself against the your circumstances to decide on the subjects which I may find difficult.(I can do that before I start my preparation) So that I can spend more time on these difficult ones.

Actually, Your inputs will affect lot of lifes (IPCC Students) here. Experts  please drop-in your Expereices and suggestions.

Please try to avoid general phylosophy like ....you study and you win.....hard work is everything..... I believe everyone here knows that and there are enough threads here to teach you all this general moral stuff.....But the truth is, Its going to help no one unless you know how to go about doing it. I want to know 'how' part of it. (Please note that I did not write the sentence to hurt any one here in the forum).

Awaiting your replies.

Thank you very much.

CA Alok Modak (CA in Practice) (595 Points)
Replied 31 July 2009

 okie...here's my list....I have given Pcc exams..

1) Costing-Fm......(Unpredictable paper...can be very easy but can bring ur whole morale down...Syllabus is also very huge!!!)

2) Tax...plenty of possibilities of making mistakes..

3) Accounts....can be very lengthly and syllabus is guite big

4)Auditing..Infotech-SM, Law.etc on same level

I hope this was what u expected

Best Wishes..


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Kumar (CA FINAL Student) (266 Points)
Replied 31 July 2009

Thank you Kzn.... This is exactly what I am looking for.....

It will be great if everyone contributes like you did........

Anyway big thanks.

Nikhil (Internal Auditor) (208 Points)
Replied 31 July 2009


Shreyash Sadashiv Pai (Bcom, CA) (188 Points)
Replied 31 July 2009

I have written P.E 2 exams but I am fully aware of the IPCC sylb (except Infotech & SM)... since am preparing it as a precautionary measure before my results.

1. Accounts (I)  :- Get your basics right first. Begin with glancing through your CPT material, just for refreshing sake. Tackle chapters like cash flow, partnership, average due date and other such small chapters first. What happens is, a major chunk of your easier portion gets over fast. This gives you confidence to tackle other lenghty ones.

2. Law Ethics & Comm:- Law is a subject where you are to tackle 5 Bareacts... These bareacts are like "Law Bible" with sections starting from 1 and going on. Each section tells you what you can do, what you can't, with regard to that law.  For law, buy a 300-400 pages notebook (I purchased mine from outside India... frankly speaking dunno if its available in India). Make a margin on every page. In the margin you write the section number. Corresponding to the section number write the section matter. Don't think, nor try to mug or even understand for that matter. Just do a mechanical work. What happens is you unconsciously start familiarising with the subject matter. You start gettin a hang of sections. In your coaching you will find it easier to use this book as a reference.

Ethics & Comm is purely a theory paper, where you are supposed to score easily, which I am sure you will since you have a very good command on english. English is all that matters in this paper!!

3. Tax :- This subject is sppsd to be your main strength. Every student who could capitalise on this one, has usually succeeded in clearing all using average. Though sounding easy, it can be tricky at times due to its volume. This is a subject which can be mastered only by everyday practice, unlike others which can even be done at last minute stage.

4. Cost & FM:- This has been an alien subject for many. Costing is usually fine, its FM that causes the worry. If you are aspiring to become CEO or finance manager of some company you are expected to have this subject at the back of your hand. It is judicious use of formulas and statistical techniques. So if you are good with 11th std maths, I don't see this subject bothering you.

Rest I suggest you plan on your own since it is not concerning your articles. Master these 4 first before even attempting to open the books of second group. Atleast this way your time is secured initially. Then attack the 2nd group. Reply me at shreyashpai21 @ hotmail.com with your views.



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Kumar (CA FINAL Student) (266 Points)
Replied 01 August 2009

Thank you very much for your input.

Thats a lot of help and detailed too.

Wish to see more of that.

Have a great time.

mintu kumar sahu (CA FINAL 2ND GROUP ONLY)   (74 Points)
Replied 01 August 2009

Hameshe positive approch rakho aur farak dekho tum sucees ki rah me pahunch jaoge

Varun (Student) (82 Points)
Replied 01 August 2009

rather than thinking subject difficult make subject interesting by studying the things with proper logic

Replied 01 August 2009

baad mein batayenge dosto...................

Nitin (Jr. ACCOUNTS OFFICER) (147 Points)
Replied 01 August 2009


this is PE-II Rankholder.I have not studied pcc/ipcc But the course is same more or less.

firstly enhance ur study time.

secondly complete the practical subjects first.den go to theory.

my list is

cost/fm      lengthy paper+peculier Q

accounts   lengthy course and paper too

infotech     an alien for ca students

audit / law  theory

income tax       not much tough to clear the paper


prepare well score well

best of luck


Neeraj Taneja (Faculty- Finance Audit )   (227 Points)
Replied 01 August 2009

Dear Kumar !

Mr. Shreyash has given really good tips to crack the PCC follow them see CA coruse does'nt required so much Intellect bt its requried ur regulrity & dedication .

May God Bless you carry on .




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