Top 10 ways to prepare mentally for exams

CA Kingsley (Audit Manager) (470 Points)

09 August 2009  

  10 STAY AWAY FROM ARTICLESHIP/ OFFICE. DON’T REPLY TO YOUR BOSS. BEST THING IS TO KEEP YOUR MOBILE PHONES SWITCHED OFF!!! 9 DONT IGNORE SCANNER & COMPILER 8 PREPARE NOTES RIGHT FROM BEGINING!!!. Because quantity of syllabus will be very heavy and if you revise the book before exams, for finishing one chapter, entire day will waste. 7 First question in any exam will be demotivating. if you dont understand entire problem ,keep it to last. I know friends who have spent more than 1 hr in the first qn which s just for 15-18 marks. While myself and my minded friends completely left the  first qn temporarily. we had enough time for balance 85 marks. Surprisingly we even had time for first qn.we attented 50%. Even if you were not able to attend first qn, dont bother.  6 SLEEP WELL b4 exams. Else u will sleep in exam 5  USE HANDWRITING TRICK. For that you need to mail me to know more details 4 You will always be correct while writing exam.  Don’t discuss question paper after exam.  I still remember in PE2,  there was a problem on insolvency accounts. I was the only person to get  Rs4200 as surplus. Almost everyone got some Rs18000 odd deficit. They made a huge issue about it and they confused me by giving their own theories justifying Rs18000 odd as deficit.. They demotivated me. I couldn’t study well for next exam. I got really upset. But by gods grace I cleared that group. I got 70 percent in that paper. When I saw the suggested answers, my answer was correct. 3 Some specimen in exam hall show some body language – for example they will wishper a soft and victorious yes!!!. But you may think paper is easy for him and not for u. I came across one such specimen. While results were out, we learnt that we passed and that specimen got 20 marks in that subject!!! 2 Don’t opt your centre as institute regional office or branch. They will ask to tie the papers even 45 mins b4 exams. Who knows at that time if we might need extra papers or not? 1 DONT TOUCH INSTITUTE MATERIAL - Because ther will be lot of errors and the publishers of material will use language as if they are teaching to the experts. They will try to show off what they know to students rather than teach them.