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08 October 2009  

Sweaty palms, nightmares, a black-out even. Exams may cause you to experience terrible anxiety. Too much! But fear is not at all necessary. After all, our exam requirements set out exactly what you need to know and do before going in to an exam. On top of this, we give you ten tips that increase your chances of passing an exam. Take notice of these tips when preparing for your exam.

Top Ten Exam Tips
1. Be sure to use the exam requirements, recommended literature and sample exams.

2. Complete the sample exam first without consulting the answers. Then make sure to carefully read and understand the feedback.

3. Make sure to allow for plenty of time when travelling to the exam location.

4. Enter an exam well-rested.

5. Start with the easy questions. Do not get stuck on difficult ones, but put those questions aside and return to them later.

6. Often, first impressions are best. Therefore, do not change your answers unless you are absolutely certain that you have made a mistake.

7. Read the question very carefully. Consider what precisely is being asked. If the question demands four arguments, then give four, not three or five. Do not write more than required in the hope that the people marking the exams will select the correct answers.

8. The so-called ‘Open exam questions’ demand that you compose the entire answer yourself: make sure you write clearly.

9. In the case of multiple choice questions: think of your own answer first before looking at the answers listed on the page.

10. When you are finished, check carefully whether you have answered all the questions.

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BALU.... (CCI STUDENT....) (44624 Points)
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Tests and exams are a regular part of the school environment. It is important that exams be kept in proportion - they are important, but not the end of the world. Some things can be done to make exams a more valuable, worthwhile and less threatening experience for students.

  1. Have all necessary material with you
    You can't borrow items such as pens, pencils, rulers or special equipment while in an examination.
  2. Have a relaxing night before your exams
    Have an early night, and try to have a healthy breakfast.
  3. Read the entire paper.
    Where you have choices, decide which ones you plan to answer.
  4. Plan your time.
    Spend some time drafting a plan for the questions you choose to answer.
  5. Jot down ideas as they come to you.
    While you are answering one question, information about another may suddenly occur to you. Jot it down somewhere because when you come to that question perhaps an hour later, you may have forgotten it.
  6. Don't leave any questions unanswered.
    If you are short of time, use note form. Remember, you can only be marked on the answers you give.
  7. Never leave the room early.
    If you have time at the end, go over your work, add information (eg in the margin). You can't return if you suddenly remember a fact after you have left.
  8. Do not spend too long on multiple choice questions.
    With multiple choice questions it is best to cover the answers and work out your own before looking at the choices on paper. If you can't answer the question come back to it later - have a guess.
  9. Never omit an entire question.
    No matter how well you answer other questions, you must leave time for all questions - a perfect answer can still only earn a certain number of marks. If you write nothing, you can't receive any marks and you have lost all your marks for a particular question. Write something - it may at least give you a few points.
  10. Maintain a stable energy level.
    Eating foods such as chocolate bars before an exam might give you an energy boost to begin with but your blood sugar levels will drop within an hour and your energy will plunge dramatically, making it hard for you to concentrate.

BALU.... (CCI STUDENT....) (44624 Points)
Replied 08 October 2009

Everyone has their own tips and tricks on how to study for exams.  What works for your classmate may not work for you.  However, if your study plan involves bringing a lucky rabbit’s foot with you on exam day, then perhaps you might want to take heed of these suggestions:

  • Study in chunks – For example, 30-50 minute time periods followed by a brief break (5-10 minutes).
  • Strategize your studying – Focus on your most challenging class early in the day when your concentration is better. Also, consider the type of test your professor administers (open book, multiple choice, essay, etc…) when determining how to study for it.
  • Study actively – Ask yourself questions, review your notes regularly, discuss key concepts with peers and professors.
  • Work in a group (maybe) – Study groups work for some and not for others.  It’s a good idea to use a study group after you’ve already reviewed the subject.
  • Study in a distraction-free environment – The library offers both group and individual study rooms, but spots fill up quickly during exams.  Please be considerate of your fellow students and keep your voices down.
  • Schedule in sleep and meals – Seems obvious, but plenty of students seem to think that they can forgo sleep during exam week and catch up afterwards.  If you normally sleep for 6-8 hours and then cut back to 3, your study time will be much less effective.
  • Exercise – Even if you are usually a couch potato, don’t underestimate the value of a good walk between study sessions.

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