Thought of the day..!

Namita Bhade (CA) (368 Points)

23 December 2013  

A Proper Mindset is Must Before you start Any Work or Anything else.


Mindset is.. " What You are Going to do today must be already decided in your mind before you start the day."


Early Morning when you wake up, the plan for the whole day must be in your mind.


It realy helps you to do your routine as well as important tasks without forgetting anything.


For example if you are a student and say your exams are near and you read full day. In these days (of your reading days) Which Subject and Which Topics you are going to finish today must fit in your mind when you start reading or say when you start your day.


Let's take another example, You are doing articleship. The moment you wake up the Work which are pending must be in your mind and how you are going to do i.e. in which sequence i.e. which work you will do first and second etc etc.


ThIS is not imporatant that you must maintain diary and write all the things or plan for particular task. Most of us do not get time to write daily because of many reasons.



Just Plan your Today Properly... And Follow it.


And Keep Smiling. smiley