The ten commandments of communication..!!

Rahul Sharma (Student + A.M.- Finance)   (2530 Points)

28 July 2011  

The ten commandments of communication

1) Verify your ideas before clarification, as to whether the contents of your communication will really serve the purpose of your communication. Consult others, where appropriate, the communication plan. This will help you decide the audience-based right content, flow, duration and location.

2) Make clear to the audience the true purpose of communication. Make it known to the audience as to what you want them to do after receiving the inputs from you. It can be just an act, can be an attitudinal change, can be drawing a strategy or plan of action.

3) Ensure you are in the right set of environment for the communication. Communication is not effected just by words and gestures, but also by the quality of place where you communicate.

4) Take into confidence your audience. Encourage them to come out with their experience in the subject of communication. Accordingly polish your ways.

5) Be sure where to emphasize and where to dilute. Check yourself the overtones and emphasis on messages conveyed, as audience may not notice.

6) Avoid being theoretical all through. Give practical examples. Enthuse audience to come out with problems, connected with the subject and offer, if possible, practical solutions.

7) Follow up with what you communicate. Ensure audience is with you through the entire communication. Give no impression that you are evaluating their ability to absorb.

8) Demonstrate that you practice what you preach. Your past experiences may come handy.

9) Communicate for tomorrow, based on previous learning, enabling the audience visualize new horizons on the subject of communication.

10) Last, but not the least, seek not to be understood, but to understand. Be a good listener too.




Rahul Sharma