Tell Shareholder rights

puneet (Student) (69 Points)

23 June 2022  

Ek shareholder ke kya kya right hote hai, wo company main kya kya check kar sakta hai isme se?


1.    An individual shareholder is entitled to get copies of the memorandum and articles of association
1, trust deed securing issue of debentures,
2 register of members,
3 minutes of the proceedings of general meetings,
4 register of contracts, companies and firms in which directors are interested,
5 contract or board resolution appointing manager, managing director, etc.,
6 registers of loans to companies under the same management,
7 investments maintained under sections 372(9). 356, 358, 359 and 360.8

8 The Companies Act further gives a shareholder the right to inspect the register and index of members and debenture holders, annual returns
,9 registers of investments,
10 charges,
12 directors,
13 directors' shareholdings,
14 loans to companies under the same management,
15 investments in shares of other companies
16 and the minute books of general meetings