Teaching at tge age of 29

#learning to excel#

What should I do to teach Accounting at the age of 29 after years of depression?

Is there a way to start earning by giving some hours?

Also I will restart my ca finals

Plese help

u can join a firm and do the basic recording transaction work ...
and side by side do ur ca final preparations

you can go for teaching. better start from now, if you can. blessings and love on the way
#learning to excel#

Actually I have a job offer where I have Accounts Payable work(basically copy paste job) and can earn a living along with work life balance. But it will take time to become CA and there will be no in hand experience. Also I want to relocate in a city like bengaluru/gujarat/pune/kolkata. Please guide me ....I know I can get job based only on opportunities. Aur weather/safety/pollution are equally important considering family. Please guide me if you can in this regard because for the time being i cannot move from Delhi/NCR due to personal issues and financial issues.

Also since I came out of mental illness after a long time I have ample of things to learn . I don't have a mentor. And I m still struggling with some mental issue due to lot of multitasking.

First of all , my best wishes for a bright future ahead.

It's good to hear that you want to pursue teaching and share knowledge. Money and everything is fine but you have to be driven by passion to teach because it's a very noble thing where in a student completely trusts you. May be after years of studying, you have accumulated vast amount of knowledge and feel you can easily impart the knowledge. But studying yourself and imparting knowledge is a different ball game all together. So I hope you are adequately equipped to tackle the challenge.

I feel sad to hear about your mental illness and trauma but at the same time I feel equally proud to see you fighting for yourself. At the end of the day, it's your race and you have to slog it out. I can understand it's a long way ahead and life keeps on throwing challenges but then we must fight it out. 

Few things which I would suggest you to do -

  1.  Start Meditation and keep yourself Positive. past you cannot change , so there's no point crying over what has happened. Focus on present and how to make yourself better.
  2. Stop degrading your work. Like you mentioned "Just a copy paste job". Please refrain from degrading your work. Even if it may seem non value add to you, remember , your house bills are taken care of from the salary you get. Take pride in what ever small work you do. Your Life is not a job profile but a journey and the true purpose is to find happiness in what ever you do - big or small is immaterial.
  3. Journey of thousand miles begin with a single step. Break your life into chunks of 5 years. what you want to achieve in the longer term depends on how you do in small steps. Patience, discipline and perseverance are the three pillars to focus on.
  4. Start writing to flush out all the negativity. Be your own best friend and stop listening to sentimental /sad songs. How you feel should not be affected by external forces.
  5. Read daily. Implement what you read. Set yourself a target of must do things daily , like reading,exercising,meditating.
  6. Save and invest. Take control of your finances.Start financial planning and keep a tab on your spending.Refrain from spending things which you "want" but rather spend on things you need.
  7. Make it a point to help others and the blessings will come back to you. Remember ,there's someone whose life is even more struggling than yours and your helping hand can make it better.
  8. Multitasking you mentioned, is not a big deal.We all do. We all have to wear many hats and we all do multiple things all the time. Don't let your brain take that as an excuse.  
  9. Talk to people more. Networking is the key. There are 1000s of opportunities in this world but you have to be up and ready to grab it when the opportunity presents itself to you. Nothing comes in a plate, you have to slog it out.


I pray for your success . What ever you do, give your best. Smile more often and hope you become the best version of yourself each day.

#learning to excel#

You know I have helped a lot of people and motivated as well...badle mein mujhe gaaliya mili.....aur samajh aa gaya bhalai ka jamana nahi hai......To do something good one has to be bad as well.

Warna ye jo public hai they use good people like door mat.

Koi nahi chahta toh koi aur unse aage nikal jaye even those who deserves.

This is reality my friend.

I am not being pessimistic.

And teaching is just an option that came to my mind.

It is first necessary for me to understand the end goal. A vision which can drive me and help me to take my first step accordingly.

Aur aajkal bache padhte kaha hai.
They dont brainstorm.

They take everything for granted.

Koi hard work ya struggle karna hi nahi chahta.

Majority of our nations workforce is of such type.

We don't have skills...we don't have desire...just have engaged ourselves in so called fake and temporary pleasures which are in trend.

And one fine day we realise what massacre we did not just to our lives but many others as well.

Ye jo Corporate mein so called big positions pe hote hai.....main unki baat kar raha hu.
They misuse the authority.

Everything is not part of business when an employee physical mental and emotional life comes at stake.

Maine apni jaan bachane ke liye job chhodi.

And they were laughing.

Wo toh main itna educated hu toh khud ko help kar pa raha hu...warna baht akela hu...

I m not looking for sympathy.
main pehle hi clear kar deta hu.

Currently I need to get a job.
Which give me a good work life balance and a relatively adequate exposure of certain things jo mujhe nahi maloom...baht pichey hu....bas himmat bana rakhi hai.


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