TDS query for immovable property


02 December 2021  

I was filing FORM 26QB. I have doubt, for instance(imagine) I am buying land worth RS. 1000, TDS payable is 10rs on it hence i need to pay 990 rs directly to the seller bank account and deposit10rs TDS in his/her PAN thus making it a total 1000 RS deal.

Now while filing form 26QB the payment made by me in the bank of the seller will be 990 (check image ), and on it automatically it calculates 9 rs as TDS and not tds of 10 rs here TDS of 1 rs won't be paid. how to do in such a scenario?

and if I enter 10 rs as TDS manually. it shows error as such "Mismatch in Total Amount Paid/Credited entered"

In amount credited to the seller, which amount should we write ? 990 rs or 1000 rs (). if we write 1000 rs then in reality we only paid seller 990 and deducted 10 rs for