TAN Number

E S S PRABHAKAR (accounts) (71 Points)

10 September 2009  


Dear sir/s,
I am working in society organization which is formed for educational purposes, earlier to this the colleges (Aided Sections)have separate entities under relevant sectors. Before no requirement of filing of Income tax returns for educational institutions, we have applied for TAN(for purpose of TDS) and duly allotted by the authorities. After forming the society we have obtained separate TAN & PAN for the society and we started the filing of Income tax returns under the society of all colleges as one return(above said Aided Colleges& Un aided sections) .
Where as, regarding TDS quarterly returns, we are filing the separate returns for aided college using that TAN number and unaided TAN no. for unaided sections, but with the same PAN. Now I want to know that,
1)    Shall we have Two TAN numbers under the One PAN?
2)    If not so, we are liable to surrender one TAN to NSDL?
3)    If we supposed to do so, The name of the Applicant of surrendered TAN will be name of the Aided College OR Society?
Kindly advise and help me in this regard.
Thanking you,