Jyoti Malik (ACCOUNTANT) (2644 Points)

02 November 2009  


All of us hope to succeed in our endeavours. All of us do wish that hope to get real. For the hope to get real, let us first know what the phrase ‘Nothing succeeds like success’ means. It means that nothing succeeds like ‘having successes in the mind.’ And  once you have the ideation or thought of success in the mind, all the mind and body energies manifest as success in real life- in all the acts and deeds, be it at home , work, business ventures, social causes- be it whatever.
Without a seed of thought of success in the mind, no amount of gargantuan effort will invite success in reality. After all, isn’t all we need and want first created in the mind, and then subsequently in reality? With that being so, how can ‘success’ be any different? To attain success, extend it, and multiply it to all facets of life. First and foremost, feel it in the mind.
Nothing succeeds like success, is also putting the famous ‘law of attraction’ to work for us. One single and continuous thought of success in the mind, attracts more and more success in the mind and that one thought in the mind manifesting to reality, attracts the manifestation of all thoughts of success into reality.
Right now, Commit to  planting that seed of success thought in your mind. Think more of success. Fill your life with success. After all NOTHING WILL EVER SUCCEED LIKE HAVING SUCCESS IN OUR MINDS.