Strategy for exemption

CMA-FINAL (Adv.) (243 Points)

05 November 2014  

Dear Member, I have a query in mind and if anyone of you could help me with my doubts, I would be thankful

Query 1 :I have planned to get exemption in one paper in group 2 of final exam. Can I do it even when I have not studied at all for remaining subjects in the group. I know that I have to attend the exam but do I have to achieve say x no. of marks in other subjects of the said group.

Query 2 : And can, or rather has anyone got exemption in more than 1 paper without passing in the group.


I plan to write say 20-30 marks only for 2 of the 4 subjects and try to get exemption in the remaining 2 or at least one of the 2 remaing subjects..Will this strategy work?