Strange LLP Form 8 efiling error

Sathish (Consultant) (23 Points)

28 July 2023  

Hello All,

I have been trying to file LLP form 8 for the past 4 months with a strange error. The eform has two 3 (a) fields and one 3(b) field.  The two 3(a) fields have the same descripttion.

When I enter the LLPIN in the first 3(a) field and leave the field, LLP name is displayed in the 3(b) . The second 3(a) field shows 'Select a value' but there is nothing to select.

If I fill all the other fields and try to press Next button, form throws error pointing to the second 3(a) field saying 'Enter relevant details'

It is so frustrating. Raising muliple MCA service requests was entirely useless.

Is there any way to proceed further ?