Start buiness of restaurant with cafe business

Hello Everyone,

I am preparing Project report for starting business of Restaurant with Café. For that I need little bit assistance.

I need sample Excel  or PDF file if anyone has prepared it, please share it.



Your query not clear. 


You have to submit project report to bank to get business loan ?

For that sir you have to google it..
Financial Advisor

If you’re planning to start a successful business in cafes or restaurants, then the first thing you need to understand the diversity, taste, and preferences of the people around your locations. It won’t turn out to be good for you if you don’t cater to these few aspects. However, you still question how to start a cafe restaurant business and make it a big hit! It is certainly not easy but not impossible. 

  • Plan out a raw sketch of your entire idea. If you have decided the concept of your restaurant, then it makes it easy for you to plan out other things as well. This is the most basic point that you need to focus on before you go on to further much-needed steps. 
  • There are numerous cafes who are never put out due to lack of funds this makes it highly vital point to consider before starting a cafe business. There are a few investments options that you can choose such as self-funding, and business loans. Make sure to apply for a loan just in time so it won’t push your business plan further and get approved within your favored time. 
  • Do evaluate and plan all the restaurant costs in order to know what sector required how much money. There are many restaurant costs such as food cost, rent, marketing, kitchen equipment, interiors, staff salary, etc. 

Money certainly plays a big role in starting any business. If you have great funds and investments, then you can easily start up with your business without any major inconvenience. So, if you want to apply for a loan, then you need to review all the above factors and maintain a good credit score.



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