Standards on auditing 560 & accounting standards 4

Parankusa ( ) (78 Points)

12 November 2011  

SA 560 deals with Subsequent events which covers events after date of Balance sheet upto auditor's report date. A portion of AS 4 deals with events after balance sheet date. But it covers events after Balance sheet date upto date of approval of financials by Board of Directors. Acounting standards are to be applied in preparation and PRESENTATION OF  FINANCIAL STATEMENTS. 'Presentation of financial statements' means financials are made available to shareholders and third parties. Only an audited statement is made available to users since it is more reliable. Then why the events from date of approval by Board upto Date of auditors report  not considered in AS 4? In other words, why then After balance sheet events in AS 4 not as it is in SA 560 (ie events after date of Balance sheet upto auditor's report date) ?

Please clarify my query..