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03 July 2014  

In Order To Be Happier You  Need To Stop…

Comparing Yourself To Others. We all need our own time to travel our own distance.  Prove yourself to yourself, not others.  The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.


Running from your problems. If you have a problem, it’s your job to deal with that problem, no one is going to do it for you. Don’t blame others and quit making excuses.


Stop wasting time. Time is the one thing you can absolutely never get back once it’s gone. And this is a good reason why you should wake up each morning and mindfully consider and plan wisely.


Talking the talk, but never walking the walk. Remember that, actions always speak louder than words.  So work in silence, and let your success be your noise.


Being afraid of making mistakes stop you from doing what you want. Growing up in life involves a lot of mistakes and learning from them. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you, instead let failures be your guidelines until you learn how to make what you want to make.


Stop trying to re-live your past. “If you only live to regret your past, you will never live to love your future.” – Edward Grey. Rather than preoccupy yourself with a comparison to another point in time why not try giving all of your energy and attention to the one that is right in front of you.


Seeking validations from others. You are good, you are smart, you are fine and you are strong.  You are already valuable, that’s why you don’t need other people to validate you. You are YOU and that’s the beginning and the end – no apologies, no regrets.


Stop being negative. Focus on being more positive, try to see the good even when confronting bad situations. Just remember that you can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.


Stop worrying so much. Worry will not strip tomorrow of its burdens, it will strip today of its joy.


10 Surrounding yourself  with the “wrong” people. Life is short and spending it with the wrong people is wrong. Go out and find the “right”  ones and your life will change!


It takes a big person to avoid small worries.


"There is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself."


"Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs.... the future can be better than the present AND I have the power to make it so."