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CA Anoop Dangwal (CA,,,) (899 Points)

26 June 2014  

No matter whether you want to be successful in your career, or in anything else, there is one thing we should always do: Make mistakes and learn from them!

We as society usually view mistakes as negative. We are often fearful of making and admitting mistakes because it makes us look weak, vulnerable or stupid. Instead, we should see mistakes as one of the most important stepping-stones to success! Making mistakes should be seen as something positive because it often means we have tried something new or difficult, but didn’t get it quite right the first time round.

But even more fundamentally: mistakes help us learn anything. Without mistakes there would be no progress and no success.We all make mistakes, some bigger and some smaller, and they help us to learn. The problem is that we often put ourselves down for making mistakes. We feel stupid and embarrassed, especially when the mistakes were big. However, the bigger our mistakes the more memorable they are for us, which in turn means that the learning from them is also bigger.

We have to change our attitudes to mistakes so that mistakes become something we no longer are ashamed of. Instead, we should encourage people to make mistakes and admit mistakes.

Of course, it is not acceptable to make the same mistakes all over. Successful people are not afraid of making mistakes but they don’t make the same mistake twice.

So the overall lessons here are: Be comfortable making mistakes in your pursuit of success. Don’t be ashamed or put yourself down for making mistakes, but be sure you learn from them and you don't repeat them! And, of course, never give up pursuing your dream (even if it means changing direction a few times along the way)!