Some doubts regarding Industrial Training

Pranav (Doing something or the other)   (92 Points)

27 December 2010  

I am interested in pursuing Industrial Training in Mumbai. I have cleared my P.C.C and I finish my articleship in Feb 2012. I would apprieciate it if someone could guide me regarding the following.

1) Can my Principal stop me from doing Industrial Training in any way (assuming I inform him three months before I leave)?

2) If I want to search for openings, I can go to ICAI at Colaba. But what is the online portal made by ICAI to find aticleship/IT? I would like it if someone could please give me the URL.

3) What would be the timings of the IT and is it advisable to do so considering that I am interested in being absorbed by the corporate sector if and when I clear my final exams?