Softex + firc + getting money from us through bank + purpose

Raghu (Propriter) (34 Points)

03 November 2011  


There are lots of sites from where we can get work related to website development, graphics designing etc. (Software Related). Like everyone, I too decided to work independetly using this internet medium. I opened current bank account in company name (Properiter).

Now when my US client has send me money into this account, bank is asking me to clarify purpose of the money sent. When i said its software business related, they have now confused me asking that I should be filling Softex form, for that i should be register myself under STPI, they want import-export license number. Now I am confused that, I as a tiny business owner, am I required to undergo all these? I also have confusion on, purpose of FIRC and its Purpose Code.

Can someone throw light and guide me, if any of these is really required.