Sign in Vernacular Language on Subscripting Page

NASM13 (Article Clerk) (63 Points)

28 March 2011  

Following is the rectification required for Form 1 on MCA site.

Required Resubmission    

Verified moa and aoa including subscripttion page. One of the subscriber is signed in other than english, but affidavit not uploaded. Otherwise all documents are in order pl. Form should be resubmitted by 27/04/2011 failing which the eForm shall be treated as invalid and shall not be taken on record. Please refer Regulation 17 of the Companies Regulation, 1956


Question 1: Can someone please give the link to download the affidavit format on MCA site or if thats not possible please give me a format for making an affidavit.

Question 2: The part marked in red, does that mean there are anyother defects in form 1 submitted. By verified MOA & AOA what exactly do they mean?


Question 3: What should be the value of stamp paper? Who should sign it? Is there a witness required? Please elaborate a bit on it. Also the director/person knows how to write in english but only signs in urdu. CAN HE SIGN IN ENGLISH (Not his signature made on Pan Card & other Documents) DIN was signed in Urdu but that time no such affidavit was asked. Why are they asking now?


Someone please throw some light on my query. Waiting for your replies.