Should i quit ca?

D P R (-) (30 Points)

20 November 2014  


I cleared my CPT in May 2010 with 140 marks. I had studied accounts and maths regularly. Other subjects a few days before exams. In May 2011 in my 3rd attempt I cleared IPCC Group 1 with 210 marks, when I just gave 1 group. Meanwhile I have given 8 attempts for Group 2 and not cleared. During my articleship I was lost as to how to study. However since last 1 year I have been studying and not cleared. I called for Certified Copies and it seems stupid as to why they have not given marks and they are 4-5 marks less than that displayed on the website. I did not study from Practice Manual earlier but this time I did. I had decided I would try one last time but I felt I was not prepared so did not give the exam in Nov 2014.

However, I was thinking of quitting now. I am 23 years old and a girl. My friends have cleared and have started working. I am considering a MBA. Sometimes I just feel I should not quit, but complete what I started. Even if I do not work as a CA in the future.