SFT - 005 Transaction in 26AS for NRE deposit

Krishna (Software Engineer) (69 Points)

18 August 2021  

I have some NRE FD of total value > 10 lakh rupees. Those were opened in FY 2020-21. Now In 26AS I have SFT-005 Transaction added for the same. Even I have some FD of 15 lakh in NRE and NRO for 120000 but the SFT -005 have the value of 1423243.  Just a additional details that those FD were just opened. They mature in FY 2021-22


1) how do I make sure that the NRE FD are mentioned/addressed correctly since I read that there is No action for SFT-005 but we need to make sure ITR have the value amount of interest credited correctly. 

2) how is SFT-005 value is calculated in case of some NRE, some NRO account deposit?