Selling 12 Years Old Pvt Ltd Company

Bhasker Kamshetty (Entrepreneur) (15 Points)

17 June 2024  

Selling 12 years old pvt ltd company for 5 lakhs if interested ping me. Please follow me so that I can reply you in PM.

Company Details: Software Company - Service Based

Date of Incorporation: 27-11-2012

Annual Turnover :

1.75Crores 23-24 Year

1.45Crores 22-23 Year

ROC Fillings Clear till date

GST Returns are upto date

Once you take over this company you can change everything according to your requirements even you can modify the industry type.

Please read things clearly and contact only if you are looking for such things like you want to show your client you exist in the industry since 12 years.

Contact me on whatsapp at Double Nine Six Three Four Nine Four Nine Six Nine