Section 194 j

sakshi (SAKSHI MITTAL & ASSOCIATES)   (76 Points)

16 April 2012  

Hello Dear Friends,


I am a Practising Company Secretary.


I am working with a Chartered Accountants Firm for last 6 months. He gives me 7500Rs fixed in lieu of Preparing Minutes for Their Client Companies and apart from that he gives me my proffessional fees for other Secretarial Services Rendered for his Client Companies. I have no Direct link with his Companies.


Now at the time of Payments i gave him Two separate sheets (not bill).

1. Regarding the Payment made to Roc Online

2. Certification and other Professional Work

3. Monthly Fixed Amount.


Now he wants to deduct TDS on all three amount under Section 194J.



My question is whether the the payment i made to Roc is liable to TDS ?

and also all other amount is liable to deduct TDS



Sakshi Mittal