Save trees

CA Anushree jain (CA) (1531 Points)

03 July 2012  



you all must have seen the advertisement of abhishek bacchan, what an idea sir ji ,that how every where use of paper will extinct and it will be replaced by e-paper.

Process of making paper

Paper is made from wood.first of all ,the trees are cut down .Then its branches and leaves are removed.Next trees are sent to saw mills where the bark is stripped from trunks,which are then sawn into logs.

then the logs are sent to paper mills where they are cut into small chips.after that, they are mixed with water and acids, heated and crushed to a heavy pulp.that pulp is cleaned and chemically bleached to whiten it.

thereafter pulp is passed through roller to flatten it.thus when the sheets of the wet paper have been produced,they are  pressed ,dried and refined.they are passed to several highly polished rollers and finally finished paper is cut into sheets.

that is how we get a sheet paper.due to this trees are cut mercilessly and our environment is getting afected many problems like global warming ,land degradation, extinction of various species of animals ,increasing diseases and many more increasing problem..

my purpose of writting this issue here is ; we also use lots of paper in our day today life in offices,studies,coachings..

therefore we are also part of it.

however we can avoid use of paper at many places like instead of solving question by pen use pencil and reuse that paper..use space efficiently...there  are many places where its not neccesary to use paper avoid there..Re-

Use used computer paper: take the paper in the

recycling bin next to the printer, align the paper so all

the blank sides are one direction, 3-hole punch it,

and you just re-used a lot of paper that would be


use electronic media as much as possible so that we can save our environment